Winter Preparation

Cooler temperatures and shorter days can only mean one thing — winter is on its way. Improve your home’s energy efficiency this fall with these smart winterizing tips.

  • Weather-stripping for windows, a door sweep strip and some caulking can help fill any air leaks to limit energy loss.
  • Replacing the furnace’s air filter every three months since a clogged filter can reduce the unit’s overall efficiency and lifespan.
  • Invest in a programmable thermostat to keep the temperature low when no one is home and programming it to increase the temperature when everyone arrives home.
  • If ice damming on the roof is an annual problem, consider taking measures to completely stop dams from forming. Spray foam insulation is a modern solution that both insulates and seals to help stop ice damming.
  • If using a fireplace or chimney this winter, hire a professional to sweep the chimney and perform an annual inspection.