Low-Risk Land Lording

Learn how to protect your rental property from common mishaps and risky situations. Reduce likelihood of lawsuits, harm to tenants and guests, damage to your property, and financial distress.

Get the Right Insurance for Your Property – Review and discuss your current policy with your Agent.

Provide a Safe Environment – Keep your property safe so that people don’t get hurt. Regularly inspect the property for hazards.

Maintain the Property – Install hard-wired smoke detectors, child-safe windows and have well-lit hallways and walkways.

Require all Tenants to Have Renters’ Insurance Coverage – Include a clause right in the lease that requires all tenants to provide proof of renters’ insurance coverage prior to occupying the premises.

Create an Emergency Procedure – Provide your tenant(s) with a manual that has an evacuation plan that’s tailored to your property.

Operate your rental unit in an Honest, Ethical, Professional manner.

Reach out to one of our Independent Agents today to see if you are getting the best price and coverage for your landlord’s insurance.