Tips for Hosting a Safe Super Bowl Party

The Super Bowl is this Sunday. Many of us are planning parties and inviting family and friends into our homes to enjoy the big event. Party hosts need to understand their responsibilities when inviting people into their homes and serving food and drinks. Before hosting a party for the big game, homeowners/renters may want to consult with their Finger Lakes independent agent to review their policy. You need to be aware that if someone drives drunk or becomes sick after consuming food at your party, you could be liable.

Ensure your home is safe for guests. That includes being responsible if providing alcohol to your guests, making sure there are no obvious hazards and generally taking the same precautions for your guests’ safety as you do for your own.

If you want to impress your guests by frying up your famous kickin’ buffalo wings using your kitchen, please use caution and common sense. To avoid grease fires, serious burns or injuries, never leave cooking food unattended!

Many of your guests will come into your home expecting or even bringing their own beer, wine or spirit of choice. Please remind your guests that while they enjoy their experience and have a good time, they need to drink responsibly. Calling a cab or having a designated driver is worth far more than any Super Bowl title.