Hosting A Grad Party?

It's that time of year! Are you hosting a party for your graduating teen? If you are having the party at your home you might think there is nothing to worry about. Well, that is not necessarily the case.

Here’s a scenario to think about. Your child is graduating from high school and you throw a nice backyard bash to celebrate the occasion. You’ve warned your teen and the friends that there will be no underage drinking at this party. Your young grad and friends have never given you any trouble, so you trust them. Therefore, you are shocked to learn the next day that a few of the friends smuggled some beer into the garage and proceeded to get drunk right under your nose. They then got in a car and wrapped themselves around a tree. Shock turns to confusion when you are sued for negligence by the parents of the kids in the car. You call a lawyer and self-righteously protest “We’re not liable! We told those kids they were not allowed to drink in our home!” Guess again. Your statement will probably matter little to a jury staring at a paraplegic victim.

  • Don’t serve alcoholic beverages to minors.
  • Pay attention and monitor your young guests.
  • Discuss rules and consequences before a problem occurs.

It is a good idea to have a talk with your child. Let them know the implications of their choices and how it can affect you as well. You want everyone to enjoy the party and celebrate what really matters, your child and their great accomplishment!I

It's also important to review your current liability coverages with your agent.

Finger Lakes Fire & Casualty Co. wishes all the graduates best wishes in their future to come!

Congratulations Class of 2016!